Friday, November 9, 2012

Road Safety Posters

Look at our art work with a special road safety message...

 By Rayner

 By Paulo

 By Eric

 By Lily

 By May

 By Eunji

By Ashley

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Traffic Poems

Listen to Adriel, Lily and Paulo read their poems about traffic.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Safe Walking

We have started term 4 by learning about safe walking. Today Constable Harwood came to our school and did a safe walking exercise with us. We talked about the pictures below..

Crossing a Car park...

We learned that it we had to cross a car park, we should look for drivers in vehicles, exhaust fumes, vehicles moving, vehicles reversing; we should listen for slamming doors, reversing lights and beepers, cars starting up and cars driving AND, if there is a footpath, we should use it because it will be the safest place! 

When walking on the footpath...

We know that we should always walk on the house or shop side of the footpath, well away from the road. We need to look for and listen to any cars that may be about to move AND, we need to look down SNEAKY driveways!

What to do if there is a hazard....

Sometimes there may be a hazard on the footpath. We learned that a hazard will be clearly marked by cones or a bright coloured fence. If you come across a hazard, then walk carefully through the special marked area and don't get too close to the hazard!

Super Heroes think about antonyms and synonyms...

Today the Super Heroes reading group played a reading game where they had to match antonyms and synonyms up. There was a lot of discussion between the children...

Here are some of the ones they matched up...