Monday, December 2, 2013

Our Huff' n Puff

Last week we had the huff and puff. I was the photographer. I had to zoom in and zoom out to take the photos, it was fun.
Typed byAnton

I was in the huff and puff. It was hard to run 2 times around the field. When I ran 2 times around the field I was very tired. Typed by Allan.

I was 2nd in the huff and puff. I was shooting like a bullet. I was feeling excited and proud of myself. Typed By Zavier.

I am running as fast as a cheetah!  I am beating Allan and Maile, I feel puffed!
Louie came first. Typed by Jack

In the huff'n puff I came 5th. I was very tired but I didn't let myself down. I kept on running to the finish line.
Typed by Matthew. 


This is a picture of me (Abbie)  running in the huff n puff. I am running through the finishing flags, about to start my second lap. I came 2nd in the race and I was huffing and puffing! Typed by Abbie.

I came 4th in the Huff'n Puff and it was a very tiring run. First I was really excited, but when it was my turn to run, I was very nervous. Typed by Hannah. 

I was 2nd in the first lap and in the 2nd lap I came 3rd. Typed by Jasmine.