Monday, December 2, 2013

Our Huff' n Puff

Last week we had the huff and puff. I was the photographer. I had to zoom in and zoom out to take the photos, it was fun.
Typed byAnton

I was in the huff and puff. It was hard to run 2 times around the field. When I ran 2 times around the field I was very tired. Typed by Allan.

I was 2nd in the huff and puff. I was shooting like a bullet. I was feeling excited and proud of myself. Typed By Zavier.

I am running as fast as a cheetah!  I am beating Allan and Maile, I feel puffed!
Louie came first. Typed by Jack

In the huff'n puff I came 5th. I was very tired but I didn't let myself down. I kept on running to the finish line.
Typed by Matthew. 


This is a picture of me (Abbie)  running in the huff n puff. I am running through the finishing flags, about to start my second lap. I came 2nd in the race and I was huffing and puffing! Typed by Abbie.

I came 4th in the Huff'n Puff and it was a very tiring run. First I was really excited, but when it was my turn to run, I was very nervous. Typed by Hannah. 

I was 2nd in the first lap and in the 2nd lap I came 3rd. Typed by Jasmine.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A closer look at peas.

Today we had a closer look at fresh peas........

We learned that peas grow on a vine. by Zavier

Monday, November 25, 2013

Eat 5+ a day

This month is 5+ a day month. Did you know, that we should be eating 5 servings of fruit and vegetables a day?

By Sophie K.

By Hamy

By Abbie

By Louie

By Akaylea

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

We think Bethany's Dad is Famous!!!!

This week's post was written by Bethany.Read it, it is so interesting........

My Dad's name is Lee. He works for TVNZ, ( Television New Zealand.) He is a cameraman. He is so good at filming and taking pictures that he was lucky enough to go to Australia. As you might know, there are fires in Sydney, in the Blue Mountains and there are many more fires. Here are some pictures that Dad, (Lee) sent to me.

My dad has to wear special fire gear. You know, Fire fighters aren't the only ones to wear fire gear. It was to protect him from the heat. The thing on his mouth is a mask. It stops him from coughing and breathing in the smoke. The other thing on his shoulder is his camera. He holds it up there so that the smoke won't damage it or make it run out of batteries. The pictures are a bit blury, though. Can you spot the white car he hired in the background?

Below is a picture of a helicopter tipping water from a bucket. The driver has to swing the helicopter to make the bucket tip. Then finally it faces down and tips all the water onto the fires. You can see the burnt trees. Some of the trees have leaves on them but half of the tree's leaves have been burnt off by those annoying fires. The helicopter is grey. My dad was very brave and went right next to the fire fighters to film the fires. It is very hot and fires are still burning over there.

This is the last picture. Here's a burnt down house. The only thing that is left is the chimney. This family has lost absolutely everything. It is very upsetting for these people. But at least they rescued themselves by  getting out of the house. I hope they had an alarm to warn them. They wouldn't have had time to grab a computer or Mum's precious necklace from Christmas. They would have just had to get out. They were saved! Thank goodness for that. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Firewise Posters

We made Firewise posters. We will use our posters for an "I Spy" game. Look carefully. Can you see what we can see? 

I spy a fireman, fire engine, 2 matches and a tree. Can you spot them?
By Louie.

I spy a hose, sun, fire hat, sign, fire engine, 2 matches and a tree. Can you spot all of them?
By Sophie.

I spy a smoke alarm, a tree caught on fire, a match, a hose and a fire engine. Can you spot them? 
By Matthew.

I spy a sign, a tree, and a hose watering flames. Can you see them? Typed by Hannah.

I spy a tree, a sign, an alarm and a hose. Can you see them?   
Typed by Martina.

I spy a helmet, a bucket pouring water, a stream, a match and a sign. Can you see them?
By Jamie.

I spy, a house,  a firefighter and a ladder. Can you see them?
Typed by Sophie.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Cubism in art

This term we have been exploring cubism in art using blocks of warm colours and blocks of cold colours. Look at what some of the children drew using Kid Pix.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Look at Our Sand Saucers!

We made these wonderful creations on our Special Persons' Day. Some of the children have typed a description of their sand saucer. Keep watching this post as more children type their descriptions in.

My Sand Saucer has a long stick with a leaf poked on it. There are 4 pink tulips on the edges. I have pink petals sprinkled around everywhere. If you look closely, you can see a little ladybird in the shade of the tree. There are some daisy petals in the tulips. There are beads lying everywhere. Typed by Abbie

My sand saucer has bright colours. It has 4 figurines it also has big pink flowers. My sand saucer has a light pink butterfly. I really like my sand saucer. Typed by Sophie K.

Mr sand saucer has a big flower in the middle. I have made a pattern with leaves and flowers. The stones and shells make it look interesting. By Louie.

My sand saucer has dark colours. There are two daisies (one is hiding). It has a pattern of rough stones. There is a crystal that is real not fake. Can you spot the lego man? Typed by Simon.

My sand saucer has a Calla lilly in it. I put some leaves in the lilly to make it look like some surfboards had gone into it. I also put flower petals in it to make it look like hot water.
By Kaden.

My sand saucer looks really cool. I have put lots of dinosaurs on it. I looks like a land of dinosaurs!
By Matthew.

My sand saucer has large, pink flower petals. They are layered. I used coloured sticks to make an x.
Typed by Hamy.

My sand saucer has a big daisy in the middle.

My sand saucer has lots of flowers and leaves and it is colourful. In the middle I have got a Lego man and a bumble bee car that shoots out water. It looks awesome. By Jack.

I borrowed some flowers from Hannah. A lot of people were borrowing my beads.
By Yievy.

In my sand saucer, I have daisies, bright flowers and plastic animals.  It is bright and colourful.                                
Typed by Akaylea.

 My Sand Saucer has lots of mini petals from roses, lillie's and tulip's. There is a little, pink butterfly in the middle. One of Sophie's curly shell is next to a lilly petal. Can you see a blue bead from Yievy hidden behind a white tulip? Typed by Bethany.

My saucer  has white  flowers and some shells.