Saturday, November 28, 2009

Our School Assembly

Welcome to term 4. Our school wide topic this term is

On Friday Room 14 was the last class at school to host the full school assembly for the year. The theme was Keeping Ourselves Safe, as this had been a school wide focus for the term. We performed skits about some of these safety messages:
* Young children need to learn their full name, address and phone number in case they get lost
* Follow safety rules when you are on the internet: don't give out personal details. Parents should be able to see the family computer when children are on it.
* Know what to do if a stranger comes up to you: don't talk to them, get help if you feel scared, go into the nearest shop if you need to and ask for help.
* To know what to do in an emergency: dial 111 and ask for help.
Constable Harwood was a very special guest and spoke to the parents. At the end of the assembly, Georgia presented him with a special 'Safe Walking' book that the class had made filled with poems they had written and safety messages. This was a way to say a "big thank you" for commenting regularly on our blog and supporting the children with positive feedback when they posted their safety comments about what they learnt.
The assembly was a big success! We felt really proud because we were only 6 and 7 year olds and we hosted the assembly by ourselves!!
Many thanks to the parents that came and supported us and to Tayla, Cecelia, Tommy and Callum (year 6 students from our buddy class) who helped us.

Watch and listen to the movie the children have made...

What's the Difference Between Good Surprises and Bad Secrets?

Good Surprises:
* Make people feel happy or good
* Are things that are special
* Make people laugh, smile or feel excited.
Bad Secrets:
* Make people feel sad or angry
* Can hurt people.

Room 14 children like
Good Surprises the best!

Start the movies. Which sentences are Good Surprises and which are Bad Secrets?

Angela, Luke and Jaz's movie

Georgia, Jerome and Rodney's movie

Cindy, Aidan and Chloe's movie

Jessica, Hannah, Christina and Aarushi's movie

Friday, November 27, 2009

Keeping Safe Posters

Last week when Constable Bluemel came in to talk to the children about Safety Rules, she motivated them to make their own posters for the words "Keeping Safe." She encouraged the children to turn some of the letters into pictures. When completed, the children used the class camera and took a photo of their own poster. They had to zoom in or out and remember how to focus to take the perfect shot.
Some children decided to put their "Kiwi Cop" sticker that Constable Harwood gave them on their posters, can you see it?
Get a closer look to see which letters are turned into on a poster to make it bigger.
Jerome's poster

Georgia's poster

Aidan's poster

Jaz's poster

Hannah's poster

Nathan's poster

Christina's poster

Max's poster

Chloe's poster

Gabriel's poster

Luke's poster

Tre's poster

Liam's poster

Rodney's poster

Cindy's poster

Jessica's poster
Angela's poster

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Safety Stickers

Last week, Constable Harwood gave us some special stickers to remind us of being safe. We felt really lucky and proud!
Click on the photo to see the expressions on our faces.

Start the movie to see close ups of the stickers.

What important messages do they give us?

Thanks for the cool stickers Constable Harwood!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Safety Rules

Today Constable Bluemel came and talked to us about Safety Rules. She reminded us:
* To learn our name, address and phone number in case of an emergency
* How to be safe on the internet
* What to do if a stranger came up to us
* How to ask for help and where to go for help if we were in trouble
* To dial 111 and how to ask for help in an emergency

Showing Our Feelings

Last week the children used the class camera and took photos of each other showing emotions like:
happy, sad, scared, confused and angry.
We practised zooming in and out, focusing the shot and knowing when to push the shutter down to take the picture,
We have learnt that if we want to keep ourselves safe, we need to be able to talk about about feelings to adults we can trust.
Look at our movie. What emotions can you see on our faces?

Where Do You Feel Safe and Unsafe?

We have used a programme on our class computers called 'Inspiration' to show where we feel safe and unsafe.We explored different font styles, choosing a shape to write in and finding images in the picture library.

Click on an image to make it bigger and have a closer look.

Where do Georgia and Angela feel unsafe?

What makes Luke feel unsafe?

Where do Tre and Aidan feel unsafe?

Where does Hannah feel safe?

Places where Chloe, Gabriel and Ethan feel safe.

Find out where Christina and Rodney feel safe.

Where does Aarushi feel safe?

Where does Cindy feel safe?

Where do Herbert and Jerome feel safe?

Look where Jaz and Jessica feel unsafe.

Find out where Max and Aidan feel unsafe.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Places That Make Us Feel Safe and Unsafe

We have been talking about the places where we feel safe and unsafe. We had a class discussion and presented our ideas like this. Come into our class and see our display of where we feel safe and unsafe.

Places where we feel safe are...
Click on the image to make it bigger.

Places where we feel
unsafe are...
Click on the image to make it bigger.

Click here to play some fun games that remind us how to keep safe and to identify safe places.

Click here to play these fun jigsaw puzzles about safety

Listen to a story told by Sheriff Skooter that reminds us about wearing seat belts in the car. Click here.

Do you know how to cross at a crossing when there are no lights? Click here

Do you remember how to cross at a crossing when there are lights to help us? See if you're right.

Click here

Now try this fun activity and have a go at crossing the road yourself safely. Click here.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

We Are Learning To Share Our Feelings

We have been learning to talk about how we feel in different situations. It is important for us to tell an adult or a friend we can trust when we are feeling sad, scared, angry, worried or confused. When we share our feelings, they can help us. Listen to the movies we have made that show how we feel in different situations. The children drew their own pictures on a computer programme called KidPix

This movie about ‘feelings’ was made by: Angela, Herbert, Max, Aidan, Jessica, Cindy and Rodney.

Here is Hannah, George, Tre and Liam’s movie.

Introducing Jaz, Ethan, Nathan and Georgia’s movie about how they feel..

and finally, this is Luke, Aarushi, Jerome and Casey’s movie..

It is important to know how our friends are feeling too because we may be able to help them too!
Click here to play this fun activity.