Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Look at Our Sand Saucers!

We made these wonderful creations on our Special Persons' Day. Some of the children have typed a description of their sand saucer. Keep watching this post as more children type their descriptions in.

My Sand Saucer has a long stick with a leaf poked on it. There are 4 pink tulips on the edges. I have pink petals sprinkled around everywhere. If you look closely, you can see a little ladybird in the shade of the tree. There are some daisy petals in the tulips. There are beads lying everywhere. Typed by Abbie

My sand saucer has bright colours. It has 4 figurines it also has big pink flowers. My sand saucer has a light pink butterfly. I really like my sand saucer. Typed by Sophie K.

Mr sand saucer has a big flower in the middle. I have made a pattern with leaves and flowers. The stones and shells make it look interesting. By Louie.

My sand saucer has dark colours. There are two daisies (one is hiding). It has a pattern of rough stones. There is a crystal that is real not fake. Can you spot the lego man? Typed by Simon.

My sand saucer has a Calla lilly in it. I put some leaves in the lilly to make it look like some surfboards had gone into it. I also put flower petals in it to make it look like hot water.
By Kaden.

My sand saucer looks really cool. I have put lots of dinosaurs on it. I looks like a land of dinosaurs!
By Matthew.

My sand saucer has large, pink flower petals. They are layered. I used coloured sticks to make an x.
Typed by Hamy.

My sand saucer has a big daisy in the middle.

My sand saucer has lots of flowers and leaves and it is colourful. In the middle I have got a Lego man and a bumble bee car that shoots out water. It looks awesome. By Jack.

I borrowed some flowers from Hannah. A lot of people were borrowing my beads.
By Yievy.

In my sand saucer, I have daisies, bright flowers and plastic animals.  It is bright and colourful.                                
Typed by Akaylea.

 My Sand Saucer has lots of mini petals from roses, lillie's and tulip's. There is a little, pink butterfly in the middle. One of Sophie's curly shell is next to a lilly petal. Can you see a blue bead from Yievy hidden behind a white tulip? Typed by Bethany.

My saucer  has white  flowers and some shells.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Special Visitors to Room 14

Yesterday my Mum and my sister Katie came to my school and shared our guinea pigs. Their names were  Pipsqueak, Blossom and Bella. By Jamie

Jamie's mother shared some information about guinea pigs. Some of the children have been taking turns to type the information on our class blog....

* Guinea pigs eat their own poo's to get more nutrition from their food. Typed by Bethany.

* They will fluff up like teddy bears at 1 year old. 
Typed by  Simon.

* Guinea pigs can start having babies at about 4 weeks old until a year old. After a year their pelvis fuses and they cannot have babies otherwise the babies can't be delivered sucessfully. 
Typed by Abbie.

* Guinea pigs live until they are about 6 to 8years old. By Hannah

*Our mothers Bella and Blossom are 10 months old. The babies are Coconut Rough who is 5 weeks (she is red), Angel is 6 weeks (she is white) and Pipi is 6 weeks (and she is grey.)  
Typed by Sophie K.
Watch this space..some more information will be typed by other children this week.