Monday, October 21, 2013

Firewise Posters

We made Firewise posters. We will use our posters for an "I Spy" game. Look carefully. Can you see what we can see? 

I spy a fireman, fire engine, 2 matches and a tree. Can you spot them?
By Louie.

I spy a hose, sun, fire hat, sign, fire engine, 2 matches and a tree. Can you spot all of them?
By Sophie.

I spy a smoke alarm, a tree caught on fire, a match, a hose and a fire engine. Can you spot them? 
By Matthew.

I spy a sign, a tree, and a hose watering flames. Can you see them? Typed by Hannah.

I spy a tree, a sign, an alarm and a hose. Can you see them?   
Typed by Martina.

I spy a helmet, a bucket pouring water, a stream, a match and a sign. Can you see them?
By Jamie.

I spy, a house,  a firefighter and a ladder. Can you see them?
Typed by Sophie.


  1. "WOW" those look awesome and I think that you have done a great job of those posters. I really liked Hamy's, Sophie K's, Martina's and Hannah's because they have spent a lot of time on theirs and have made them pretty fantastic . It was pretty hard that "I spy" game. My mum tried too find the things that you have typed too but you have made it too tricky for my motther to find the things.

  2. Those were great fire wise posters.I like the way all of them are different.My mum couldn't find those things, and I also like the way there are bright colours on the posters.

  3. Wow these posters are amazing. You guys are fab artists.